What is Saree?

Saree is an unstitched piece of cloth that measures between 4.5 to 9 meters, has always been a crucial part of Indian culture whether it is parties or daily activities. Women in Southern Asian region have always been carrying it with grace and beauty. In Southern Asia resides a quarter of the world population, living in different nations with diverse cultures, and so does styles of saree draping. To name a few styles common in India:

  • Nivi drape, the most common style, from Andhra Pradesh or West Bengal
  • Purnia from Bihar
  • Surguja from Chattisgarh
  • Madisaru from Tamil nadu
  • Dhangad from Goa
  • seedha pallu from Gujarat
  • Nauvari from Maharastra
  • Coorg from Karnataka
  • Athpourey from Bengal
  • And many more

Millions of women wear saree in many Southern Asian countries such as India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Why do I sell Saree?

For women living in Southern Asian countries, it is much easier to find sarees of their taste. But women in Japan often find it difficult to buy a good quality saree with the right price. Some of us are not be able to wear saree on daily basis like we wear western clothes. But whenever we wear saree, it reminds us of the beautiful memories of being excited about weddings and hand picking every saree we would like to wear, the excitement of school farewells and choosing just one right saree for that special day that will be in our memories for the rest of our lives. It makes us remember the beautiful colors of our cultures and the time we spent with our loved ones. Saree Studio is a mission to provide beautiful sarees with better price to the people who share those values, so that you do not miss any of your special moments of your life that deserves saree in it. Saree Studio was created solely keeping in mind, delivering value and joy to you. We believe saree is not just a piece of cloth, but it is the emotions passed down from one generation to the other.

I would like to share joy of wearing saree with every women who face difficulty in finding their traditional attire in this foreign land.
I am Sangeeta of Saree Studio, based in Kyoto.