How long does it take to deliver?

Expect 2 days to be delivered inside Japan. We currently do not deliver to outside Japan.
All stock is delivered from Kyoto, Japan.

Who ships my product?

EIther Yamato or Sagawa ships. If preferred any, we can ship according to your request.

Does the saree come with a blouse?

All saree come with their own unstitched blouse.
South asian women are known for their curves, and if we try to sell blouses and call it the “right size” for you, it will be a lie.

How do I wash?

Check fabric of your product, and refer to our textile guide.

When do you restock your products?

Most of our products are designer brands, and they might not be restocked.
Whether to restock or not is decided according to the order frequency.
When we restock, items are delivered from factories in Surat, India and it usually takes 2 weeks.